Generating, Analyzing, and Understanding Sensory and Sequencing Information

Fellowship Duties

GAUSSI Fellowship Expectations:

  1. Engage in collaborative research activities involving generation and/or analysis of large datasets
  2. Seek out interdisciplinary relationships related to research project objectives
  3. Within 18 months of beginning fellowship:
    • Present a minimum of 1 abstract at regional or national meeting, OR
    • Submit 1 manuscript for publication in a refereed journal or a conference
  4. Attend ALL GAUSSI group meetings, seminars, and activities
  5. Present, as requested, on research results
  6. Participate in Outreach Activities in K-12 setting
  7. Attend a minimum of 4 relevant workshops/seminars offered on-campus, sent out on GAUSSI Gazette.
  8. Complete GRAD 550
  9. Participate in GAUSSI Summer Symposium
  10. Attend GAUSSI Orientation
  11. Successfully complete GAUSSI sponsored courses, relevant to research areas
  12. Attend and participate in all Career Planning Program activities
  13. Serve as a professional, collegial representative of the GAUSSI program at on and off campus activities.
  14. Mentor junior researchers and undergraduate students
  15. Continue collaborative relationships, engage in GAUSSI program activities throughout graduate studies at CSU, after fellowship has ended
  16. Search out collaborative relationships on CSU campus related to research activities.\
  17. Adhere to guidance of graduate advisor in course selection and research priorities